Special Funding Now Available

We have secured partial funding for holistic management training through National Organic Training Skillnet (N.O.T.S.) resulting in a significant discount. Foundations of Holistic Management 3-Day Pro [...]

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Science Within A Holistic Context

Listen to this talk by Dr. Jason Rowntree, given in September 2017 in London, on his research into the relationship between soil organic carbon and grazing. He has received more than $2 million in fun [...]

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Two New Studies Indicate the Benefits of Holistic Planned Grazing on Biodiversity

Two new studies, from University at Albany, in upstate New York, show benefits from holistic planned grazing on soil microbiology, plant diversity, and ground-nesting birds. Grazing and the Coupling o [...]

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Someone will do something about that surely!

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to Low Sizergh Barn for hosting an outstanding farm to table meal last night in Kendal. The chefs came out for a bow to rowdy applause — the food was fantastic! W [...]

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Much ado about carbon

There has been much ado about carbon in the press over the past week. In response, we want to give you positive news about your ability to restore a healthy carbon cycle as a land and livestock manage [...]

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