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Join with farmers, consumers, and professionals from around-the-world to collaborate for the provision of quality meat, dairy, wool and leather.

As a member of the global Savory Network, we are hosting a conference for British farmers, suppliers, retailers and consumers in order to lay the foundation for transforming the provision of meat, milk, wool and leather into a supply framework of producers and market partners looking to source truly regenerative products. [By “regenerative” we mean agricultural practices that regenerate soil.]

These supply ecosystems will create a market and production system for products that regenerate land and human health. Our vision is to be able to feed and clothe our communities with affordable products that promote human health, and regenerate soil, and make it possible for the producer to be economically viable without subsidies.

You will hear leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement speak, and then join the speakers in facilitated discussion about how to revolutionize how we produce and consume food and fibre. You will view exclusive documentary short-films that tell the stories of regenerative farmers managing holistically across the world.

You will also hear from some leading thinkers in the production and provision of Food, Fibre, Funding and Frameworks.


This event is part of a global event facilitated by the Savory Institute to unite leaders who are ready to create a better food and fibre supply framework. Learn more about the global event:

We will introduce the new Savory Land-to-Market Programme, which identifies and verifies products made from regenerating soil. This programme will be formally launched in 2017, and offers agriculturalists better access to markets, helps brands find access to regenerative raw materials, and enables consumers to gain access to regenerative products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

To spark the ignition, we have a range of speakers with stories to stimulate reflection and creativity:

Keynote Speaker

 sd3 Alan SavoryFounder, Savory Institute

We will broadcast Allan Savory’s presentation plus case studies on meat, dairy, wool and leather.


Keynote Speaker

 sd3  Patrick Holden, head of the Sustainable Food Trustand farmer in Wales, will speak at the dinner about:

  • The transformative affects of Holistic Management on his own farm.
  • The Food Movement as an unstoppable force arising from new thinking, particularly from the integrated and systemic worldview of millennials.
  • He will also touch on the notion of True Cost Accounting which reflects the degree of sustainability in our food.

We need to work together, share ideas, pool resources and connect as part of a global food movement.

— Patrick Holden

Keynote Speaker


 sd3 Graham Harvey, agriculture editor at BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, and author of Grass-Fed Nation: Getting Back the Food We Deserve, will be speaking about the importance of story-telling in bringing about transformational change.

Britain once gave the world productive and sustainable farms. Today our countryside is dysfunctional with damaged soils, nutrient-depleted foods and impoverished village communities. Now at last we have an opportunity to build a food system that works for everyone. But it can only happen if all of us – consumers and citizens – join in. Our countryside is in peril. Let’s not opt out.

— Graham Harvey


Keynote Speaker

Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca Hosking, regenerative farmer at Village FarmAwarded an MBE for her work to conserve wildlife, Rebecca Hosking is a tenant farmer at Village Farm situated on the very tip of South Devon.

Rebecca describes the ethos of Village Farm as “Farming with Nature” where only organic, agro-ecological practises are used and where Holistic Planned Grazing is the backbone of the farm enterprise.

I used to be a wildlife camera-woman for the BBC Natural History unit… We saw a lot of devastation through agriculture around the world. We saw what agriculture was doing. And, we realised how important sustainable food was, and to produce sustainable food. And so we wanted to find techniques that didn’t destroy the soils, built the soils, increased wildlife and produced food at the same time, and was locking down carbon.

—   Rebecca Hosking, in a recent interview with, On Your Farm, BBC Radio 4

In, “Making The New Story Happen,” Rebecca will address how buying food from her farm protects numerous wild species.




Caroline (Watson) Grindrod, co-founder of 100% grass fed online shop and the informational community and blogging site Caroline has a background in conservation, farming, and butchery. As a certified ‘primal blueprint expert’ and ancestral health writer In, “Eat Yourself and the Land Healthy,” Caroline will speak on the importance of quality meat and dairy in maintaining robust human health.



Chris Tattersall



Chris Tattersall, managing director at The Wool Room, (a member of H. Dawson, wool suppliers since 1888). In, “Live Life as Nature Intended,” Chris will speak on the importance of quality wool to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle.



chris cook





Chris Cook is a leading expert in enterprise and market development and financial instrument design with a unique body of experience in relation to all aspects of legal and financial structures. His 25 years’ experience included six years to 1996 as a Director of what is now the dominant global energy exchange.

Since March 2011, Chris has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security & Resilience Studies at University College London conducting action-based research into networked, decentralised, and hence resilient, 21st century legal frameworks and ‘Open Capital’ market instruments.

On the principle that if you network resilient communities the result is resilient countries,  Chris has been piloting bottom-up community development of resources and people and in particular simple but radical new frameworks for land use and investment.

He will speak on a novel approach to funding called, “land partnership”, which is a non-debt equity purpose-led collaborative partnership approach to funding innovation, and new relationships with the land.



Christopher Cooke Co-Founder 3LM

Sheila Cooke Co-Founder 3LM


Christopher Cooke and Sheila Cooke, co-founders of Land and Livestock Management for Life (3LM), will speak on the topic of Frameworks:

Holistic Management is a decision-making Framework and a suite of planning processes which result in ecologically regenerative, economically viable, and socially sound management of resources. It can be applied at any scale, from a small croft, to the national level to frame policy and strategy.

They will lead the participants through the creation of a Holistic Context for the British Isles. This is of great relevance to Brexit as we examine agricultural policy and reform. Before taking steps to reform, it’s really helpful to decide, “What do we want, and how can we get it?” Holistic Management enables groups of people to make powerful decisions so that they can create what it is that they really want. 

  • Step 1 is to create an Holistic Context, which defines “what do we want?” (This will be the focus during their session.)
  • Step 2 is to learn the basic principles which enable us to nurture and work with nature.
  • Step 3 is to employ the 7 Test Questions to test decisions against our Holistic Context, to assure ourselves that our decisions truly will lead to what it is that we want.

During this event, we will officially roll out another Framework — the new Land to Market verification program from Savory Institute. Consumers need better access to the products grown by famers. Likewise, farmers need more opportunities to sell their products in a way that recognizes their dedication to regenerating the environments we all depend upon. And bold brands, that are striving to make real change in the marketplace, need access to the raw materials that will enable them to deliver environmentally-enhancing products everyone can feel proud of. 3LM together with the Savory Institute are committed to breaking through the barriers that have stood in the way.



Simon Diss

Simon Diss, regenerative farmer at Cowran Estate, and managing director at Cowran Foods, the retail arm of Cowran Estate, which offers the highest quality, estate produced meats & poultry, organic fruit & vegetables, artisan breads, as well as its own range of natural organic personal and household products.


Join us on our journey to the creation of regenerative frameworks that produce and provide access for all to quality food and fibre, the basic needs of any civilisation.

This event is for farmers, suppliers and retailers who are looking for change, and for engaged consumers. We invite you to join us in creating a new regenerative food supply framework.

Eat it. Wear it. Regenerate it! Because what you eat and what you wear matters.

Penrith Golf Club

Where? The conference will be held at the Penrith Golf Club, in the English Lake District. Penrith is easily accessible by train to London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh. The golf club is 1.7 miles from Penrith Railway Station, and taxi service is available from the station.

When? The 4th of November conference is 9:30 AM — 5:30 PM, followed by a cash bar happy hour. Dinner with guest speaker begins at 6:30 PM.

Holistic Management Training? Immediately following the conference we will hold training at the Penrith Golf Club. You may choose from the 2-day or 8-day programme:

  • 2-Day Foundations Programme Price is £180 per person, includes coffee and tea breaks, lunch, all materials and V.A.T. (5-6 November 2016)
  • 8-Day Programme Price is £840 per person, includes coffee and tea breaks, lunch, all materials and V.A.T. (5-12 November 2016)

Questions? Please contact us:


Telephone: +44 (0) 7973 866930

Seating is limited. Book your ticket early!

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