Soil, Grass and Carbon: 5 Years of Holistic Management in the American Midwest

Have you ever wondered how to… Increase the flow of carbon deep into the soil through grazing?  Reliably measure carbon in the soil so you can prove to yourself and others you’re farming regenerativel [...]

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Root Cause — Free Download!

Rushes, rushes, rushes! We used the Diagnosis and Treatment of Root Cause process to help a farmer discover why a certain field had been overtaken by rushes in recent years. He had used the small pa [...]

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Learning to Read the Land

We had an excellent turnout at two different Global Field Days held earlier this week in Cumbria, where participants learned to read the land. We are extremely grateful to Frank Hunter of Piper Hole F [...]

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Why innovative farmers are now turning to biology to increase profitability.

Global field days to gain tips for reading the land. An innovative movement in farming will be showcased at ‘Global Field Day Events’ featuring 2 Cumbrian and 2 Scottish farms. The innovation, which p [...]

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First day of holistic planned grazing

These cows are running out to pasture on their very first day of holistic planned grazing (okay, it's also the first day of Spring grazing!) They are at Low Sizergh Farm outside of Kendal. To visit th [...]

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