Savory Institute Global Field Day!

Mark your diary for Global Field Day on the 24th of June Savory Institute is organising a global field day on the 24th of June. 3LM, in collaboration with our sister hubs around-the-world, will host e [...]

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Revolutionary Lismore farm’s holistic approach

From the Oban Times, 30th of March 2017 A 'HOLISTIC' farming experiment on a Lismore croft has inspired a national training event on the island in May. Roger Dixon-Spain, a former industrial farmer in [...]

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Inspiration at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2017 in Brussels

I attended the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in Brussels last week, and heard inspiring presentations. Pope Francis sent a message to the delegates, 'Earth is not an inheritance we have received [...]

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Regenerate soil and harvest sunlight by planning your grazing

Learn how to plan your grazing at Fernhill Farm, 13-15 June 2017. When managing livestock, their movements must be planned. If left in any one place too long, or if returned to it too soon, they will [...]

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Lengthen Your Growing Season, Increase Carrying Capacity of Your Land

We had the pleasure of being on Joel Salatin's recent UK tour. Holistic Management is the foundation for everything he does. Here are 13 pearls of wisdom from Joel: CARRYING CAPACITY. By following nat [...]

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