Much ado about carbon

There has been much ado about carbon in the press over the past week. In response, we want to give you positive news about your ability to restore a healthy carbon cycle as a land and livestock manage [...]

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Healing People and the Planet at the Same Time

"The biggest challenge facing the planet is the diet-health-environment trilemma. If we can connect animal fat to human health, then we are helping heal people and the planet at the same time. That's [...]

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Two Autumnal Farm-to-Table Feasts

Autumnal Farm-to-Table Feasts In conjunction with 3LM, Low Sizergh Barn in Kendal, and Fernhill Farm in Bristol will be hosting an evening meal as part of a series of events being held at locations ar [...]

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Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

"Having a grazing plan meant I didn't panic when I ran out of grass in July”, said Jonathan, who began holistic planned grazing this past summer. “The grass just stopped growing, and I had to throw ou [...]

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Soil, Grass and Carbon: 5 Years of Holistic Management in the American Midwest

Have you ever wondered how to… Increase the flow of carbon deep into the soil through grazing?  Reliably measure carbon in the soil so you can prove to yourself and others you’re farming regenerativel [...]

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