Lengthen Your Growing Season, Increase Carrying Capacity of Your Land

We had the pleasure of being on Joel Salatin's recent UK tour. Holistic Management is the foundation for everything he does. Here are 13 pearls of wisdom from Joel: CARRYING CAPACITY. By following nat [...]

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Holistic Management Training at Fernhill Farm Near Bristol

We are delighted that Andy Wear and Jen Hunter, of Fernhill Farm near Bristol, have agreed to host and participate on the 10-month Holistic Management Programme that begins 14-16 March 2017. The farm [...]

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We invite you to rethink the provisioning of quality meat, dairy, wool and leather, at a conference in the heart of the Lake District, Friday, the 4th of November 2016. The main focus is, How do we cr [...]

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Resilience In the Face of Any Brexit Outcome

Uncertain times lie ahead for many UK farmers. Brexit has highlighted how dependent on subsidies farmers are for financial support. Consequently, many farms lack resilience. It may seem absurd to sugg [...]

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Keeping Costs Low Key To Way Forward

In order for dairy farmers to survive, this month’s Northern Farmer proclaims, “Keeping Costs Low Key to Way Forward”. After years of striving for efficiency, what else is left to try? A growing numbe [...]

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